Business IT Communications

Opal is a business only IT communications provider with over 15 years of experience and industry leading customer service.

We deliver high availability, low latency, business grade IT communications that support robust internet and inter-site applications. Our secure and resilient UK infrastructure and systems allow us to underpin your business operations. As a result, our customers have been able to increase efficiencies, deliver new IT applications and securely connect all their employees.

We deliver a variety of solutions including site-to-site communications, internet access, remote working, application hosting, web hosting, network security, data protection and professional network consultancy.

Our managed services and security applications allow you to reduce your bandwidth requirements by setting employee web access, spam and virus protection parameters, freeing up your network for your business.

Business IT Security

Opal has developed solutions that deliver best in breed IT security that reduces your bandwidth needs by stopping spam and viruses before they touch your network or remote workers.

Disaster recovery

We have delivered disaster recovery solutions that protect key business data. With privately owned and maintained data centres and resilient networks our customers rely on.

Launch business IT applications

Our wide range of business grade access options allow companies to deploy new IT applications, centralise or distribute computing power.